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Kirsty Smith – York

Kirsty Smith York bike box hire

Kirsty runs the York Hub with her partner Dave. She loves everything about going out on her bike but is ashamed to say that she is not the best with bike maintenance so needless to say, if you need help with packing then ask Dave!! Kirsty cycles regularly with York Triathlon Club and is a qualified BTF Level 2 coach and British Cycling ride leader she loves all kinds of riding as long as it is outside and not on the turbo! Kirsty is generally injured and has suffered more cycling accidents than most which makes her think she must be clumsy too. You name it, she seems to have done it…. from crashing in the chain gang, misjudging kerbs and our personal favourite was an appearance on Helicopter Heroes after a spectacular fail coming down the 33% downhill of Rosedale Chimney. Anyway, lucky for Dave (and Bikebox), she’s still here to tell the story (which she does regularly) and actually her downhill riding seems to be improving!!