How well do you know the Highway Code?

Mar 19, 2021 | News

The Highway Code exists to keep all road users safe, including motorists, horse riders, pedestrians, and cyclists. A mix of laws and advisory guidelines, it covers everything you need to know, from speed limits and vehicle safety to lights, road signs, and markings. Following the Highway Code makes the roads safer for everyone, and means we can complete our journeys in a calm, controlled way.

However, not everyone is familiar with it, which is why The Bike Storage company created a new quiz: ‘How well do you know the Highway Code?’

Originally made for Road Safety Week 2018, which had the theme Bike Smart, the quiz covers cycling-focused questions for both cyclists and drivers, and is a chance for you to test your knowledge in a fun, interactive way.

It’s easy to slip into bad habits when you’re comfortable with the way you travel. But with the number of bikes on UK roads increasing by 28.9% since 1997, it’s important to keep up-to-date with road safety laws, whether you prefer to be on two wheels or four. Taking a quiz is a good way to refresh your memory and maybe learn something new.