Many pro athletes have used our bike boxes, here are their thoughts.

Cat Morrison
Catriona Morrison bike box“I am now the proud owner if a custom bike box. It’s great to have the confidence to know that my bike is fully protected. The box is sturdy, manoeuvrable and easy to pack. A winning combination!”




Toby Garbett
Toby Garbett bike boxI have travelled to many destinations short and long haul with my triathlon equipment and of course my bike.
I have used many types of bike boxes but the Velovault with its easy packing system is the best I have used and would
thoroughly recommend it to anyone who wants to have confidence that their bike will arrive in the best condition possible and ready to race.”



Nikki Bartlett

Nikki Bartlett bike box“Let’s be honest, when travelling with our bike abroad, we want to know it’s going to travel safely, securely and easy to pack and unpack! Look no further than the VeloVault.
The VeloVault is the first bike box to fit 29er tyres, and fits mountain bikes, road and TT bikes with enough room to add in shoes, clothes and whatever you desire. Super easy to pack and unpack, and the bike boxes come in a variety of awesome colours, so you can spot your bike box a mile away!
There will be a bike hire hub near you, easy to hire a box, but more than worth the investment to buy. You can certainly tell the bike box has been designed by an athlete (Sam Gardener – Pro Xterra Triathlete), for athletes. Ensure your bike is protected and travels safely”


Tom Lazenby
Tom Lazenby bike box“I was going out to Dubai to compete internationally and needed the bike box fast. Having it arrived at my home quickly and promptly, I was assured in my mind that my bike would be protected from everything when going out there. As promised, when I arrived I opened my bike box to see my bike as if I just packed it. I would pick my bike box over any leading retailer for the reliability I have over any components, as my bike box has now done about 2 trips and over 20,000 miles. Further than that it can perfectly fit my time trial bike and my road bike with plenty of room to spare for tools and extra bolts. I would pick my bike box every time.”



Louise Croxson
Louise Croxson bike box“Love my new Velovault, not only is she pink, easy to pack with plenty of space for my bike and accessorises but even the security straps have a soft side to be gentle on my carbon”




Dan Busbridge
Dan Busbridge bike box“The VeloVault is the only way I choose to transport my bike now! After using other bike boxes this one just does the job perfectly! It’s easy to fit in and out of the box with clear diagrams and area’s for bike parts. It’s lightweight yet very strong and tough. It’s also very easy to close together and secure. I travelled to Canada, Spain, Italy and Austria last year using the VeloVault and I cannot fault it! Amazing product definite 5/5! Also comes in whatever colour you want which is always a bonus…!”