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  • How well do you know the Highway Code? - 11th December 2018

    The Highway Code exists to keep all road users safe, including motorists, horse riders, pedestrians, and cyclists. A mix of laws and advisory guidelines, it covers everything you need to know, from speed limits and vehicle safety to lights, road signs, and markings. Following the Highway Code makes the roads[…]

  • No glare eyewear - 8th November 2018

    We talk alot about where you should ride, beautiful scenery and epic climes but being able to view that scenery and keeping your eyes protected from the sun and flying stones is often glossed over. Prior to a trip to Mallorca we decided to invest in some new lenses, and[…]

  • Travel files: Osona - 24th October 2018

    Casquette describes it as the “Girona’s savvy rival” so we simply had to find get the 411 on spanking-new cycling hotspot Osona. And who better to give us the lowdown than Cristina Cortés of Osona Cycling Tours?   Hi Cristina. Osona is steadily building up quite the reputation. What makes it such[…]

  • Yoga for swimmers - 18th September 2018

    A little post-pool stretch can work wonders for the body and mind. Find five super-simple yoga poses to give a little love to those hard-working muscles and joints of the shoulders, neck, chest, spine and hips. Cat-cow flexions and extensions The simple but sweet cat-cow flow is a dream for[…]

  • Way to go - 24th July 2018

      We asked passionate cyclists and global adventurers SpiceRoads Cycling to choose their top destinations that combine mind-blowing rides, good eating and drop-dead photo opps – and they didn’t disappoint… Where: Mongolia Says who: Daniel Moylan, Managing Director “Mongolia doesn’t always come to mind when you think about top cycling destinations,[…]

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