Nikki Bartlett’s dream destinations

Apr 5, 2017 | News

Fresh from her performance at Ironman South Africa, pro triathlete and Bikebox buddy Nikki Barlett tells us about her favourite places to swim, cycle and run (in that order) around the world

You have competed in countless competitions across the world. What’s been your absolute favourite destination and why?
It’s a tough question, as I’ve been to some beautiful places to both train and compete – that’s one of the perks of being a pro athlete – but my favourite race to date is Ironman Wales. Tenby is so stunning and the local community really gets behind the event. I’m yet to come across a course that beats the amount of spectators.

Starting from the top, what’s been the most memorable stretch of water you’ve swum?
Oh, wow: I have to say the swim location at Ironman Pays d’Aix is gorgeous. The water is just so blue and so clear!

On to the cycling: the best/most picturesque route you’ve ever ridden?
Cycling in Majorca is incredible! Training camps there are pretty epic. I must admit, though, when the sun shines in Scotland, it’s very hard to beat the scenery there. I’m lucky to live in this stunning part of the world and it’s only a short trip up to some of the most spectacular scenery you can experience in the UK.

Finally, the run: any particular favourite stretch of road/tarmac/trail?
Oh, trails around Scotland are fab. A local one near to Stirling is Doune Wind Farm or running part-trail part-road route from Blairlogie car park to Sherifmuir, around the road towards Dunblane and back into Stirling. I’m pretty clumsy, so I have to be quite careful in season on the types of trails I run. I can trip over my own feet walking, let alone running on trails.

Away from the competition, where is your dream destination to relax and recuperate?
I’ve just come back from South Africa, having been there for a month. We were in a heavy block of training then raced, so didn’t get to appreciate trail walking, running and exploring for too long. I would like to go back and have some downtime there for sure!

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