No glare eyewear

Nov 8, 2018 | News

We talk alot about where you should ride, beautiful scenery and epic climes but being able to view that scenery and keeping your eyes protected from the sun and flying stones is often glossed over.

Prior to a trip to Mallorca we decided to invest in some new lenses, and stumbled across Sunglasses Restorer, there was no point in shelling out for new frames so this seemed like a cost effective solution. Locating the correct lenses was simple by typing in the frame style into the search bar and soon enough our new lenses were ordered. We opted for 2 different colours of Polarized lenses to protect from the sun rays which can be reflected off the road and straight into cyclists eyes.

sunglasses restorerThe lenses were delivered a week or so later and were quick and easy to fit into our Oakley frames. We decided to go with the purple colour to match our bikes but have clear as a spare set incase they get damaged in a fall. Out in Mallorca the visibility was perfect and we get to enjoy the quiet roads and beautiful scenery. All too soon we were back on the plane (trust Velovault in tow) and back to reality!

The lenses cost about £25 per pair and were much cheaper then buying a whole new set of glasses, so it’s well worth checking out Sunglasses Restorer for yourself