Three rides around Asia

Nov 13, 2017 | News

Pure, unadulterated holiday inspiration for you as our friends at SpiceRoads choose their top three cycling holidays in Asia. We apologise to your bank balance in advance…

Route 1: Saigon to Bangkok (touring)
How long should I take off work? 14 days
Difficulty: Moderate
“Multi-country trips always add a unique dimension to travelling by bike,” says Will Shoubridge, SpiceRoads’ UK Sales and Partnerships Manager. “Crossing between Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand, the diverse yet intertwined history and culture of these three countries make it a really enticing route.”
Don’t miss this: “Vietnamese food is incredibly healthy and also comes with many French influences. Try the Bun Oc soup with sea snails.”
What’s the damage? From £2,110 per person.

Route 2: Bicycling Bangkok to Phuket (road bike)
How long should I take off work? 10 days
Difficulty: Challenging
“This tour really escapes the hubbub of Thailand and is designed for cyclists looking for a challenge on a stunning stage,” says Will. “Tracing 850km along the coastal tail of Thailand, the roads are smooth and ideal for real road cycling distances through quiet seaside villages.”
Don’t miss this: “Grab a therapeutic Thai massage on Ban Krut beach at sunset to soothe the muscles after a long ride.”
What’s the damage? From £1,525 per person.

Route 3: Sri Lanka spice trails (pictured)
How long should I take off work? 7 days
Difficulty: Moderate
“Sri Lanka is extremely relaxed and yet still quite wild, compared to neighbouring India,” says Will. “This route ticks every box for spiritual, historical, wildlife and gourmet experiences with very achievable riding distances.”
Don’t miss this: “Visit the World Heritage ancient city of Polonnaruwa, home to superbly preserved temples, stone carvings and statues of Lord Buddha.”
What’s the damage? From £1,190 per person.

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