Will my bike fit in a bike box?

One of the most important questions that we’re asked is ‘will my bike fit in a bike box?’ The Velovault bike box has the largest internal space of any lightweight rigid box available so we’ve used it in this short video to demonstrate the crucial measurements to determine if your bike will fit into the box. (Video shows fitting a Velovault1 our Velovault2 is slightly larger)

For those who don’t fancy watching Sam in action then these are the measurements to take:

  • Bottom of the chainset to top of the saddle must be equal to or less then 87cm for the Velovault2 (Velovault1 90cm or less.)
    If your bike is larger then this then you’ll just need to remove the seat-post for most bikes or the saddle for ISP’s.
  • Front fork to rear derailleur to be equal to or less then 118cm (Velovault1) 121cm (Velovault2).
    For bikes greater then this length then you can gain an additional 5cm by removing the derailleur or much more space by removing the front forks.

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