Airline Guide

Getting to and from the airport

Car (see our car guide for more information)
As a rule of thumb, one bike box will fit in a saloon car if the rear seats fold down, two boxes will fit in a mid-sized estate (e.g. BMW 3 series touring or Audi A4 Avant) and 3 boxes will fit into a large estate (e.g. BMW 5 series touring). Sometimes in sports cars or hot hatches, the rear seats do not fold down but often it is possible to slide a bike box into the footwell or rear seat of the car. The table in the car guide provides information on a variety of models of car but if you want to make completely sure then please ring your local hub and if it’s helpful for peace of mind then we can arrange for you to come over before you rent the box(es) to make sure that it fits comfortably. Also, don’t forget to account for space for your passengers!

Generally, most European and US airports will have people carrier style taxis for larger groups. Whilst these tend to be a bit more expensive than normal taxis they can usually comfortably fit 2 bike boxes and up to four people in them. We’ve only tended to have minor grumbles with taxi drivers in the UK so if you’re getting a taxi it’s best to book and explain that your taking a bike box

If you’re getting to and from the hotel via train then, in the UK, you’re best to book your bike onto the train by phoning up your train company. For most train companies, this is a free service and whilst you can often just turn up with your bike it can be a bit risky if other people have cycles or if it’s rush hour.

At the airport
Most airports now see lots of bike boxes and usually it only takes an extra few minutes to check in you bike box. Sometimes it’s possible to do this at the normal check in desk but often you’ll be directed to the Outsize Baggage check in desk to leave your bike box. When you reach your destination then your bike box will either appear on the conveyor belt or will be wheeled by the side of the conveyor.