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So you’ve trained for months (or years!), chosen the race, booked your flights and bike box and now you’re looking for an all inclusive insurance to cover you for all eventualities.

YJdiscountWe’ve spent a long time looking for a suitable insurance provider to recommend to our customers and finally we’ve partnered with Yellow Jersey.

As cyclists themselves, Yellow Jersey spent a lot of time understanding the best approach to cycle insurance. They decided to create a totally inclusive package. We know its difficult making the compromise between cover for price when you are insuring your prized possession. But Yellow Jersey have not compromised on any element. Having looked at home insurance, British Cycling insurance and other stand-alone cycle insurance providers we believe they have come up with something unique.

No matter if its racing your road bike, taking part in sportives or enjoying a club run, Yellow Jersey understand we all ride our bikes for different reasons. Bike values are on the increase and if your concern is the safety of your bike away from the home when you travel to a race, crash damage during a race or simply making sure you have adequate cover for an expensive fleet of bikes at home, you’re covered! Get an instant quote here.

Yellow Jersey are the insurers for Team Wiggins, Sponsors of Laura Trott, Matrix Pro Cycling, the London Triathlon League, the London & SE Cyclo-Cross League, Surrey Road Racing League and are the official insurance partners of British Triathlon.

Why should you buy a separate insurance policy for your bikes

MPU-3There are lots of reasons why you should get specific insurance for bicycles. These include:

  • It’s likely your home insurance will not protect the bike away from the house
  • Most home insurance and cycle insurance will not offer protection in a race
  • The value of your bike may exceed your home policy maximum
  • In most cases your home policy doesn’t protect the rider
  • A British Cycling or Triathlon license offers no cover when the incident occurs between two license holders
  • Travel insurance often won’t protect you bicycle
  • Airline policies offer very limited protection for sports equipment

Types of cover

  • Road Cycling
  • Triathlon
  • Mountain bikes
  • Cyclocross
  • Electric bikes

Each policy includes the following benefits:

  • Roadside assistance & recovery
  • International race & sportive cover
  • Race fee protection (if you get injured)
  • Free bike box cover (protecting your bike and it’s case)
  • Replacement bike hire cover
  • Choice of repairer
  • 48hr Triathlon transition cover
  • Free DNA+ forensic coding kit
  • Race wheel protection
  • £250 of free accessories cover
  • 50% n+1 discount (multi-bike cover)
  • Direct family cover
  • Zero excess on 3rd party claims
  • Public liability (£2m) & free legal advice
  • Personal accident cover

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