Bike and race Insurance

So you’ve trained for months (or years!), chosen the race, booked your flights and bike box and now you’re looking for an all inclusive insurance to cover you for all eventualities.

We’ve spent a long time looking for a suitable insurance provider to recommend to our customers and finally we’ve partnered with Yellow Jersey.

Yellow Jersey Cycle Insurance 10% Discount 

Insurance that covers you and your bike.

For the last few years, we have developed a partnership with Yellow Jersey. Their comprehensive policies and excellent customer service mean we’re happy to recommend them as we know they cover all the requirements of our riders.

Their policies are available as short-term and annual, so you can get cover for a single trip or, if you go away a few times a year, get covered for riding all year round which works out significantly cheaper. The two policies work in tandem to keep both you and your bike fully covered for your trip.

If you already have insurance…

 A cycling specific holiday requires specialist insurance and you don’t want to find out the hard (and expensive) way that you’re not covered.

Be sure to check the fine print of your policy as you may not have the cover you think you have.

See a few reasons below why we choose to work with Yellow Jersey

 Bicycle insurance

Make sure you have insurance cover for your road bike. We ride in a group, in remote locations, you and your equipment will be tested more than usual, and accidents do happen.

Their policies include:

  • Crash & accidental damage
  • Theft at or away from home
  • Theft from vehicle
  • Vandalism
  • £2m third party public liability
  • Cover in transit
  • 60% multi bike discount
  • 25% renewal discount (even if you’ve made a claim)
  • Accessories cover
  • Optional clothing & helmet cover
  • Emergency bike hire
  • Roadside recovery
  • Physio cover
  • Dental cover
  • Permanent injury cover
  • Claims handled quickly and in house
  • Excellent customer service
  • Claiming will not increase your premium

The Performance policy covers your bike in Europe for up to 30 days at a time, while the Ultimate policy covers your bike worldwide for up to 120 days at a time.

Travel insurance

 If you think you already have travel insurance, make sure you check the small print. Many insurers exclude cover while cycling if it’s the main reason for your trip.

The majority of hospitals in European cycling destinations are private and will not accept a European Health Insurance Card.

Yellow Jersey’s cycling specific travel policy has you covered.

  • Medical Expenses £10m
  • Repatriation £10m
  • Dental Treatment
  • Hospital Benefit
  • Lost Baggage
  • Delayed Baggage
  • Personal Money
  • Travel Delay
  • Trip Cancellation
  • Holiday Abandonment
  • Missed Departure
  • Personal Liability, £2m
  • Emergency Cycle Hire
  • Cycle Breakdown Benefit
  • Cycle Repatriation Benefit
  • Gadget Cover up to £2,000

Make sure you have insurance cover for your medical expenses and your bike.

Cycle holidays can present challenging terrain, group riding with unknown cyclists and there is also risk of theft.

As a Bikebox Online customer you have access to a 10% discount with Yellow Jersey.

Just fill your quote out and enter the discount code.