Car Guide

Not sure if your bike box will fit in your car? Have a look at the table below for some of the most common makes and models. Please note that this is just a guide and it’s worth measuring your box and car boot with a good old fashioned tape measure.  Or, feel free to contact your local hub to arrange a convenient time to try putting the boxes in your car before your trip.

If you have a car not featured below that you know how many average sized rigid bike boxes fit inside, please email all the info and pictures if you have them to


Car Brand
Rear seats down?
Audi A3 1 box yes
Audi A5 1 Alan Box only, 2 Polaris will fit yes
Audi  A6 1 box yes
BMW 1 Series hatchback 1 box yes
BMW 4 Series 1 box yes
Citroen Picasso 3 boxes + 3 riders and kit no
Ford Focus 2 boxes yes
Ford Transit 8 boxes no
Ford Fiesta 2 boxes + rucksacks  yes
Honda Civic New style 2 boxes yes
Honda Civic Old style 2 boxes yes
Hyundai i10 2 boxes yes
Mazda 6 Estate 4 boxes with front passenger seat forward yes
Mercedes A class 2 boxes yes
Mercedes B Series 2 boxes yes
Mercedes C Class Coupe Alan Box will not fit n.a
Mercedes C Class Saloon Alan Box will fit if placed in upside down (i.e. wheels pointing up) and with the narrow end entering first n.a
Nissan Pathfinder 2 boxes rear down, middle up
Nissan Quasquai 2 boxes yes
Peugeot  308 2 boxes yes
Peugeot  407 estate 3 boxes yes
Peugeot  306 Estate 2 boxes yes
Renault Transporter 8 boxes no
Renault Megan 2 boxes yes
Renault Kangoo 3-4 boxes yes
Scoda Octavia 1 box yes
Seat Alhambra (7 seater) 2 boxes in boot or 3 boxes with rear seats down no
Seat Ibiza 2 boxes with rear seats down yes
Smart forfour 2 boxes yes
Vauxhall Astra 2 boxes yes
Vauxhall Corsa 1 box + Large suitcase yes
Vauxhall Vectra 1 box yes
Vauxhall combo van 3 boxes no
VW Golf 2 boxes yes
VW Touran 3 boxes yes
VW Touareg 2002 – 2010 2 boxes yes
VW Passatt 3 boxes yes
VW Polo 2 boxes yes
Toyota Verso 3 boxes, both seats down or 2 boxes with two of the three seats down yes
Toyota Yaris 1 box yes
Bike box in car

Bike box in BMW

Bike box in smart

Bike box in smart ForFour

Boxes in Renault Kangoo

Bike boxes in Renault Kangoo

2 bike boxes in Hyundai i10 with the rear seats folded down

2 bike boxes in VW Polo

2 bike boxes in VW Polo

seat ibiza with bike boxes

seat ibiza with 2 bike boxes

BMW with bike box

BMW with bike box