Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria has many advantages with it’s unique climate, it’s practically the only place cyclists can be guaranteed good weather in the time period from early December to mid February. Other cycling destinations are too cold to offer winter sun in this crucial window so our expert Raymond Leddy has written this guide to help you make the most of the island.

Put Gran Canaria up against other Canarian island destinations and we come out ahead on quality of road surface which we like to say is F1 quality, add to that our advantage in the diversity of routes, 20 of which are mapped out on the Cycle Gran Canaria itunes app 20 Cycling Trips on Gran Canaria. One can add another 15 plus routes if we take in the north too. This means that it would take at least 4 visits just to do each one once!

Gran Canaria cycle rideThe island is split climatically into 3 zones, the hot arid dry southern half, and the east and west north are more humid with more cloud and mist. Therefore the sun facing southern half gets all the sunny weather with the majority of routes facing that direction. The only winds to speak of are driven down the channel between the islands and the landmass of Africa. Gran Canaria’s mountains on the southern eastern quarter ensure that the wind stays on the coast where it has fuelled a massive water sports industry. Another reason to tick is low or no winds!

Gran Canaria cycle rideThere are 2 jewels in the Gran Canaria cycling offer, Pico de las Nieves is 96km with 1951m from zero to hero if you can do it, many think they can’t and eventually do after a few attempts, the second is the thoroughly evil VOTT, we think and we’re not alone, in saying that it’s the hardest climb in Europe, the least forgiving and the least fun, which makes it very attractive to all cyclists!

The island’s hotel & tourism infrastructure is based on the southern coast, with a wide selection of affordable or exquisite hotels to choose from, all within easy access to bike shops and start points. Our partners Free Motion offer only the very best in cycling hardware and workshops that can manage the needs of the hundreds of riders who bring their own bikes, quite a few use BikeBox Online too I’ve noticed!. Having 3 different brands of bike myself with the latest gadgetry, I’m never nervous of having them serviced, maintained or upgraded there with Free Motion.

Gran Canaria cycle rideOur two main cycling holidays are the Gran Canaria Road Camp and the Tour of Gran Canaria. The road camp is center based, heading out 6 days guided on different routes, you’ll do about 60 to 80 km a tour with an average of 1600m of climbing, all days have harder & longer options too. Your choice of hotels from 2 star to 4 star at Gloria Palace with free entry to the wonderful Thalassospira there. Cycle Gran Canaria clients only though!

The Tour of Gran Canaria is an epic 500km plus with 11000m of climbing, it’s fully supported with sag wagon and we stay in the best hotels all round the island, we see the island as very few cyclists see it, a great trip and so popular, we have repeat clients and closed weeks for private groups, so get your details down for upcoming dates.

Get in contact with us, and we’ll deliver a great holiday, each and every part has been looked at and constantly improved to deliver what we cyclists know to be what cyclists want!

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