My name is Paul, I have lived in Cala Bona, Mallorca for 18 years, cycling and competing in Triathlons all over the island. Whether you want to cycle all day or just take a coastal ride for a coffee, cycling in Mallorca will be an experience you will never forget. The months from January to December are ideal for cycling with stunning views on all rides.
Rides cater for all levels of expertise so even if you are just starting out, you don’t need to worry, because there are tours suitable for everyone. Here a couple of my favourite rides in Mallorca, not just for the area where you end up but what you see when you’re cycling.

Son Salverdore to Cala Bona

Distance: 51 mls.
Max Grade: 20.6%
Elevation gain: 3,761,7ft

Son Salvador bike ride

Son Salvador bike rideSon Salvador bike rideSon Salvador bike ride

Formantor to the top of the islands furthest point

Distance (from base): 89 mls
Max Grade: 31,7%
Elevation: gain 6028.7ft

Formantor bike ride

Formantor bike rideFormantor bike ride

Rides and information courtesy of Paul Carr at Check our Paul’s organised tours for 2021 here. Tours are available for all levels of rider.

Level A – High
Good shape, and experienced in long distance cycling.

Level B – Middle
Good shape able to withstand more than 2 hours cycling without difficulty. Previous experience necessary.

Level C –  Low
You just want to enjoy a few hours on the bike discovering new landscapes and unforgettable scenery. Not difficult route, with stop for drinks. Little cycling experience required. I will choose a route that suits your level.