Way to go

Jul 24, 2018 | News


We asked passionate cyclists and global adventurers SpiceRoads Cycling to choose their top destinations that combine mind-blowing rides, good eating and drop-dead photo opps – and they didn’t disappoint…

Mongolia BikingWhere: Mongolia
Says who: Daniel Moylan, Managing Director
“Mongolia doesn’t always come to mind when you think about top cycling destinations, because there aren’t any roads! But that’s exactly what makes Mongolia so amazing – incredible scenery and wide open spaces, making you feel like you never want to go back to cycling on a road again. The people themselves are so friendly and hospitable, they really make their adventurous way of life accessible to visitors.”
Best way to experience it: Mountain Biking Mongolia

Mystical BhutanWhere: Bhutan
Says who: Patricia Weismantel, Senior Product Manager
“Bhutan is sometimes called the “Switzerland of Asia”, but that’s because it’s a destination too difficult to classify. It has an idyllic and highly spiritual culture, set in a pristine natural environment, and ruled by a benevolent monarchy who shuns standard economic indicators in favour of a “Gross National Happiness Index”. You’ll experience some of the most challenging, incredible and rewarding cycling you’ve ever imagined on the country’s intense terrain – the Himalayas. For the cyclist who loves climbs and culture, you’ve met your match!”
Best way to experience it: Mystical Bhutan

Saigon to Hanoi BikingWhere: Saigon to Hanoi
Says who: Sally Phipps, Marketing Manager
Cyclists love going point to point, but there’s something even more alluring about being able to say you’ve cycled from one end of a country to the other. There’s no better country in which to do this than Vietnam, where you can experience the culture change with the scenery as you move up the coast. Almost all of Vietnam is lush, but the variation of lowlands in the south, karsts in the north, and tropical beaches in between is just amazing. It’s also no secret that I love to cycle anywhere where the eating’s good and Vietnam’s fantastic cuisine makes every meal an authentic culinary experience, not to mention worth the work!”
Best way to experience it: Saigon to Hanoi

Mae Hong Son Hills BikingWhere: Thailand
Says who: Sakon (Top) Boonyakait, Graphic Designer
“Being from Thailand, it’s not surprising that one of my favourite destinations is within my own country: Mae Hong Son in the north of Thailand. It’s one of the most popular road cycling destinations in Southeast Asia because of the big climbs and smooth roads. With the tallest mountains in Thailand, the terrain is a wonderful challenge for cyclists who love climbing. I love racing down descents and feeling the cool mountain air and smelling the forest. The local people are also so gentle and friendly, and they make great food!”
Best way to experience it: Mae Hong Son Hills

Madagascar cyclingWhere: Madagascar
Says who: Will Shoubridge, UK Partnerships Manager
“Only a select few places on the planet can boast truly unique wildlife, landscapes and adventure experiences; Madagascar, the jewel in the south, is topping my list. I’d read about the many indigenous aspects to the country but it was only cycling and hiking among them that brought everything to life. Searching for golden bamboo lemurs in Ranomafana National Park, hiking the majestic Massif de l’Andringitra and cycling through tapestry-like terraced farmland will always stay with me. Not to mention all the juicy mangoes and papayas! Madagascar is truly one of a kind with the planet’s history before you and my must-do recommendation for any adventure traveller.
Best way to experience it: Bike and Hike Wild Madagascar