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Aug 25, 2016 | News

Known for our bespoke challenging cycling holidays and for luxury cycling breaks in Mallorca, the Cycology team couldn’t do what we do, as well as we do it, without being keen cyclists ourselves.

Being sun-worshippers, passionate about hills, and lovers of the beautiful island of Mallorca, we thought we’d share our three favourite rides.

Nus_de_sa_Corbata_01Sa Calobra
Without doubt, Sa Calobra is one of our favourite, but most challenging rides. You will find yourself taking in nearly 2000 vertical metres of gain and descent – it’s not for the faint hearted!

Starting at Puerto Soller and continuing on to Sa Calobra, before turning around, the ride is 75kmm, and to put it bluntly – it’s a beast of a climb! The road itself snakes alongside a mountain for 10km, with 26 hairpins peppered throughout and a 360 degree turn that heads back over itself; one thing’s for sure, it’ll keep your adrenaline pumping!

The average gradient of the 6.8m climb is 7.1 and is only accessible from the top, meaning you have to access the route from Col del Cal Reis at a 682m altitude.

The punishing climb brings a massive sense of achievement and the views that await you make the trek completely worthwhile. After the gruelling task to get up, the fun comes when you take to the tarmac beneath and go full-throttle on a super-fast, technical downhill ride.

A tourist trap village lies at the base of Sa Calobra, which is home to many restaurants; the perfect place to refuel. However, we will pre-warn you; if you want to refresh yourself here, bring cash – the prices aren’t cheap. For those who are too tired and want to take it easy after a long ride, the ferry can take you back to Puerto Soller, however, if you’re ready and raring to go, climb back up Sa Calobra and head back home. We like the don’t cheat option as we think every pedal stroke is worth it!

Hitting this route early in the summer months is the best way to tackle it, as in peak months the route becomes flooded with tourists. Plenty of sun block and plenty of fluids are non-negotiable as the temperature can peak over 35 degrees. It’s one brilliant ride, so go forth and conquer!

If you haven’t done the route, check out our gallery page or Facebook and view our video of this iconic ride. Don’t forget to turn up the sound!

Puig_Major_21Puig Major
With a total elevation of 871m, a length of 14km and a steady gradient of 6%, Puig Major is the highest climb on the island and is a beast to climb from the town of Soller at sea level. This road just keeps going up and up and up and up and when you think you’ve reached the top – guess what – nope – there is more up! When you do reach the top though, there is a small lay-by to take a break and some pictures and then carry on to Sa Calobra should you wish.

At approximately 5km into the ascent from Soller, there is the scenic village called Fornalutx that you may want to take a break and view – if not, then crack on, head down, and pedal.

We love this climb for its pure endurance requirements and the sense of achievement at the summit. If determination isn’t in your locker, you might not get there…

5288752144_07b5e031f0_bColl de Soller
This route is a firm favourite with our team, and is a climb that we thoroughly recommend that you do whilst in Mallorca. The Coll itself is famous for its 61 hairpin bends that can be accessed via Soller or Palma, which rises just shy of 500m above sea level. The route is relatively traffic free as the Soller Tunnel drives traffic through the mountain, as opposed to on it.

If the climb is approached from town of Soller, this north side climb is slightly harder and longer with an average gradient of 6% and 7.5km. Approached from the south side it’s approximately 5km with 5% gradient.

The south side offers no shade, so in the summer months you can boil on the road, with the north side in places being tree lined, so provides you with periodic shade. Stop at the top, admire the views and take some pictures, with refreshments from the café.

The views at the top are quite simply beautiful, looking right over Palma from the café at the summit. Tire yourself out, but do it for the views! This ride won’t leave you exhausted, but will make you feel like you’ve had a good ride.

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