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VeloVault – Black


The Velovault is our own in house designed box. Utilising  5 years of bikebox rental experience and Sam Gardners’ experience of competing as an international triathlete  for 10 years, we gained a pretty good idea of which boxes on the market were up to the job and how we thought we could improve on existing designs in various ways.

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Product Description

best on test

OUT OF STOCK – Velovault-1

The Velovault is our own in house designed box. Utilising 5 years of bike box rental experience and Sam Gardner’s experience of competing as an international triathlete  for 10 years, we gained a pretty good idea of which boxes on the market were up to the job and how we thought we could improve on existing designs in various ways.

We are very proud to say that our bike box is British made and we mean proper British made! The Plastic shells are produced near Birmingham, as are the Protex™ catches and the piano hinge, the webbing and foam are made either side of the Peak district, even the weight saving aluminium washers are made in England. Assembly is  carried out in the UK at our factory in Birmingham.

Universal wheel fixings and larger wheel moulding – Velovault bike box is fitted for all conventional wheel sizes, including the new 650b and 29er mountain bike wheels. No need to fully deflate your 29er tyres just to fit in the bike box.

Innovative wheel mount design – two mounting holes mean your big 29er wheels can now fit without the cassette from one wheel rubbing against the 2nd wheel.

Disk Brake rotor recesses – We have also built in protection for disc brake rotors so you no longer have to remove them when travelling.

velovault bike box 29ersInterlocking Large Diameter central support struts – Designed specifically for the purpose. One strut has a pointed ‘Male’ end which locates into an opposing ‘Female’ cone on the other strut providing great crush resistance so an adult can stand on the centre of the box. Best of all, as the struts are integrated into the box, they’ll always be in place even if customs open up your box.

Extra length – Our bike box is 50mm longer than our competitors which accommodates the longer wheel bases now found on modern 29ers and downhill bikes. To keep our overall dimensions (Length + Height + Width) the same as our competitors we have lost a few mm of width and height.

Bikebox box, Sunninghill , berks. December 2014Quality fixings – A Bike box is only as strong as its weakest point. Why spend £400+ on a box to protect your £10,000 bike and accept cheap Chinese catches which don’t even have a strength rating, or a box using cheap piano hinge. We only use UK made Protex™ Catchbolts with a strength rating of 400kg per catch. If they’re good enough for Formula 1 teams they’re good enough for us.

Sensible handle position – By not having our main handle in-line with the seat post and saddle, we can accommodate the full chain-ring to saddle measurement. Put another way, many other boxes position a handle where the saddle would go, adding to the overall dimensions of the box but also reducing the internal space at the most important point.Screen Shot 2015-01-24 at 16.33.43


Dimensions. Length 116cm, Height tallest 91cm, Width 30cm
Weight. 11.9kg


Click the images below to read independent reviews of the Velovault














Interested to hear what the pro’s think of the VeloVault? Click here to read testimonials from the likes of Cat Morrison and Toby Garbett.

Packing Video

Additional Information

Weight 13 kg
Dimensions 116 x 30 x 91 cm

Black, Blue


  1. Hannah Mann

    (verified owner):

    WOW about sums it up in all respects!! My Velovault arrived FAST (just signed for it an hour ago) – I figured it would be at least 10 days but it was FOUR days (would’ve been 3 but I missed the delivery yesterday – I was out riding!). Now THATS amazing customer service from you, your shipper and FEDEX!

    And WOW really applies to my first impression – it’s certainly more impressive in person. I wavered between the Velovault and the BikeBoxAlan many times for various reasons…..

    BBA offers more colors and their selling price and shipping is 100£ and 40£ less, respectively. However, your box has advantages that I think warrant the higher price though it’s tough to be fair when I can’t compare them side by side.

    The Protex latches are phenomenal! This is one of the main reasons I preferred your box. Wow are they sturdy. And the attached two piece pole that provides structural rigidity is a stroke of genius. While both boxes have the pole, your implementation is by far simpler and cleaner. And I really like all the straps for the frame and the high quality Velcro that is used. I haven’t test fitted my bike yet but I’m hoping/expecting it’ll fit without having to remove my seat post (I ride a 52cm Specialized Roubaix). I think the BBA would’ve required me to remove the seat post, another factor in favor of the Velovault. All of the materials and construction from the shell, to the piano hinge, to the wheels, just shout “Quality!” And I’m glad I listened!

    So I just wanted to share with you that I’m thrilled with my Velovault at first impression and if I could’ve seen it in person I would’ve bought it months ago right then and there!

    As soon as I get a chance I’ll take some photos with and without my bike and share them with you.

    Again, you all provided some of the best customer service for an Internet seller (and an overseas one at that) that I’ve experienced and I couldn’t be more satisfied and thrilled with my Velovault. It’s a fantastic, high quality, and capable product that should easily be the top choice over a Scicon Aerotech, BBA, and others in its class. Matter of fact I saw a Scicon Aerotech for sale on Probikekit UK and after evaluating it’s features, method of securing the frame, and the amount of bike disassembly required, as well as its price ($750US or 520£), I still consider your Velovault to be superior in all respects.

    You have a great product, I’m going to be a “salesman” for it with my cycling group for those who are looking to invest. It would be great if there was a US distributor or seller.

    Please share my Thanks with your Team and especially with Sam Gardner. Cheers, safe riding, Chris

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