Which box for me?

Our boxes offer great safety for your bike, there are slight advantages on all bike boxes, so our guide should allow you to make an informed decision. At the majority of our hire hubs we mainly stock Velovault, but some hubs do stock the following rigid bike boxes for hire as well:

  • Polaris Bike Pod
  • Bikeboxalan

Pro’s of VeloVault:

– MWF technology (Multi Wheel Fixing) – Wheels can be attached using the quick release skewer or if the bike doesn’t have a quick release such as Track bikes (with bolt on wheels) or various mountain bikes with bolt through axles or ‘Lefty’ hubs the wheels can be secured using Velcro straps.
– Large Diameter Struts – To provide essential crush resistance to the centre of the box, we use two removable aluminium struts on our Velovault1 which conveniently meet in the middle without the need to accurately locate a pole and a single strut on our Velovault2.
– Easy Pack System – We provide a template on the foam insert on the inside of our box to demonstrate where each strap fastens. We also provide written instructions and a QR code which links to a YouTube packing video.
– Quality fastenings – Our Protex catches are used by Formula One teams and Orchestra’s to transport very expensive cars and instruments around the world.
– Fits 29er, disc brake and disc wheels
– Fits bikes with integrated seat post

Manufacturers specification:

– Manufactured in the UK
– Internal foam padding for bike protection
– Protex catches (lockable with padlock)
– Castor wheels – heavy duty
– Suitable for both road and mountain bikes and 29er wheels
– Conforms to all major airline baggage handling restrictions

Velovault1: Dimensions: Length 1160mm, Height (tallest) 910mm, Depth 300mm
– Weight: 11.90kg

– Velovault2: Dimensions: Length 1210mm, Height (tallest) 910mm, Depth 300mm
– Weight: 13.00kg

To purchase a VeloVault2 bike box for UK or international delivery, please visit our online shop on the Sales tab above.

Pro’s of Polaris Bike Pod:

– Lighter, only 10kgs (good for airlines charging by the kilo for excess baggage)
– Smaller, Dimensions: Length 1160mm, Height (tallest) 866mm, Depth 260mm (good for putting in small cars!)
– Lockable catches (good for security)
– Fits up to “x” frame with integrated seatpost

Manufacturers specification:polaris

– Fully rigid bike transport case
– Polypropylene
– Manufactured in the UK
– Clam shell moulded design
– Internal foam padding for bike protection
– 4 draw latches (2 lockable) & luggage tag
– Castor wheels for ease of movement
– Suitable for both road and mountain bikes
– Conforms to all major airline baggage handling restrictions
– Dimensions: Length 1160mm, Height (tallest) 866mm, Depth 260mm
– Weight: 10.65kg

Pro’s of BikeBoxAlan:

BBA– Larger, can fit integrated seatpost
– Wheels lock to lid of box using wheel skewers
– Contains central bar to combat compression

Manufacturers specification:
– Lockable.
– Includes: Foam packaging and straps.
– Conforms with latest baggage handling restrictions.
– Easy glide silent wheels.
– Dimensions: Length: 1130mm Width: 910mm Depth: 300mm
– Weight: 11.5kgs


Renting can be a good option if you’re travelling to a cycling destination which rents bikes. If you’re travelling somewhere for a weekend it can be cheaper but generally for trips over four days it becomes better value to take your own bike abroad. Plus, there’s something nice about cycling abroad on your own pride and joy, and also not having to worry about the front and rear brakes being the other way around on bikes in Europe. We have a good Go Pro video of one our friend’s stacking a bike by using what he thought was the rear brake!