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Stay strong, perform better

Whether you’re tackling a triathlon, inching towards an Ironman or prepping for the Etape of your dreams, injury issues can strike at any time and put paid to peak performance. Here, straight-talking physio Jess Palmer gives cylists some top tips on how to remain injury free and strong on your[…]

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On your bike

If, like us, you dream of coasting through beautiful countryside, charging up unknown hills and speeding back down the other side, then a cycling holiday is well and truly on your bucket list. So how do you go about planning a decent one? Libby, Robert and Mo from bespoke cycling[…]

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Cyclists and pedestrians take to the streets in Paris

Two-wheeled paradise

In Copenhagen bikes now outnumber cars for the very first time, cementing its status as a committed and thriving cycling city. Lucky for bike enthusiasts, it’s not the only city to see the light. We reveal the other urban destinations that have decided two wheels are definitely better than four.[…]

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Award-winning blogger Ordinary Cycling Girl

Best bike blogs

You love cycling, we get it – and what better way than to feed the habit than by digesting all the news, gossip and tittle-tattle of fellow cyclists around the world. Here is a bunch of some of the best bloggers, scribblers and avid updaters out there. If we’ve forgotten[…]

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MBE for Andy in New Years Honours

By Andy Lewis – 12th January 2017 In Nov 2016 a letter came through the door, it was from the cabinet office oh dear I said, what did this mean, what had I done. I opened it, i took a huge breath and said to my wife wow…at which point[…]

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John of Groats to Lands End.

John of Groats to Lands End.

By Sam Gardner – 18th November 2016 What an adventure it was. We did this back in 1999, it was an adventure for the end of University holidays, an idea dreamed up instead of revising a few months earlier like we should have been doing. At the time I lived[…]

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European bike transport

‘I’m a racer, I don’t do sportives’

By Sam Gardner – 15th November 2016 When I entered my first bike race in 1987 there was no such thing as a sportive. I guess the closest thing that existed was the London to Brighton charity bike ride. As jumped up teenagers who thought we were going to be[…]

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Lori Westy

Better late than never..

By Lori Westcott – Wednesday, 19 October 2016 They say you should never have any regrets in life because at that moment in time it was exactly what you wanted.. however, it plays on my mind that I should have done my first triathlon years ago. I guess better now[…]

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‘I’m going to do a triathlon!’

By Hannah Mann – 25th October 2016 ‘I’m going to do a triathlon!’ That’s what I told myself in June in a vein hope to regain some independence 18 months after the birth of my son and assist in the never-ending struggle to maintain some kind of dignified weight. To[…]

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